The Isle of Bute is to host the first ever LGBT Pride event on a Scottish island!

Organisers have announced that Bute, which sits off the west coast in the Firth of Clyde, will host an event near Rothesay between 15th and 17th June.

As well as a march and live entertainment planned in venues around the island, there are plans for a Pride BBQ picnic for visitors to take in the stunning beauty of the island. Glasgow drag icons, Ms Lily Minogue and Barbara La Bush are also set to appear over the ‘Bute Pride Weekender’.

Ms Lily Minogue said, “After being the first drag queen to perform on the island I can’t wait to help celebrate the first Pride event and promote equality and acceptance and to celebrate diversity, adding a little sparkle to the proceedings!”

Bute’s first Pride event joins new marches and festivals in Perthshire, Grampian…

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Sky News Poll: A Crash in Slow Motion

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. By attempting to set Nicola Sturgeon and Mhairi Black up to fail in an online popularity contest Sky News set its own trap and walked right into it. Scotland has never had quite so much fun.

British establishment media bias is something we have become used to in Scotland. Whether it’s the BBC, Sky News, STV, or any of the unionist papers, the misrepresentation of Scotland and the blatant distortion of “the news” have become accepted realities of everyday life since the independence referendum. Usually, however, it’s not until after the fact that we can call it out; a fact that leaves pro-independence media analysts playing catch-up once the damage has been done. It’s rare indeed when we’re ahead of the posse and in a position to see what’s coming and predict the outcome. Well…

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Hard questions for No voters

Peter A Bell


To the very limited extent that the British political elite can be said to have a ‘strategy’ in relation to Brexit this can be summed up as follows:

  • Muddle along with one eye on Nigel Farage and the other on the right-wing British media.
  • Whatever the British media respond to positively, pretend it’s what you planned all along.
  • Whatever the British media respond to negatively, blame it on the EU and/or the SNP.

Either bold and powerful Britannia is using her might to mould the future according to her iron will; or plucky little Britannia is being beaten down by foreign bullies and undermined by the treachery of her servants. The one certainty in the whole sorry farce of Brexit is that none of those perpetrating this act of political and economic vandalism will be in any way responsible for the damage caused. What cannot be claimed as their glorious…

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When hand wringing becomes neck wringing

Wee Ginger Dug

Scotland’s half baked baker’s dozen of Conservative MPs have been terribly upset of late. They tell us that they’re unhappy that their government hasn’t introduced the necessary amendments to the EU Exit Bill to make it comply with the devolution settlement. That’s despite the fact that promises were given by the British government to make the amendments, promises which were ignored. They’re very disappointed, they tell us. They think that the actions of the government in kicking the bill up to the Lords aren’t good enough. Now unelected peers will have more of a chance to affect the bill than Scotland’s elected MPs. So much for bringing back control from Brussels to the House of Commons. Tory MPs wring their hands while their government wrings the neck of the devolution settlement.

Labour, to its credit, for once decided to do something other than abstain, and introduced an amendment of its…

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Why is the media kicking NHS Scotland when it is down?

Yes Scotland's Future - The Blogs

In this ‘bleak mid-winter’, chest infections, viral infections, increased levels of influenza type symptoms have peaked even before Christmas and New Year. On top of that we have an ageing population and a thing called multi-morbidity.In other words as people live longer they suffer from more than one , sometimes several different conditions at once.

The media on the other hand do not want to deal with ‘whole systems’ approaches to health.They cannot cope with reporting on community based responses to combatting loneliness among older people or the massively successful recovery movement in Scotland working to help people in recovery from alcohol and drugs dependence .

The medias main ‘capacity’ for thought is that of the sausage factory approach, a simplistic Accident and Emergency one door in and one door out and how long it takes before you get home.People are seen as objects on a production line to be…

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Telling them why

Wee Ginger Dug

There was an interesting Twitter exchange the other day which in a single word illustrated all that is wrong with the Scottish media. The estimable Lesley Riddoch tweeted a link to her latest article in the Scotsman, a plea to the Scottish media that when they engage in their regular bouts of slagging off NHS Scotland, they should compare the performance of Scotland’s health service with the health services in the rest of the UK before rushing to condemn. The article pointed out quite reasonably that Scotland’s NHS performs significantly better than the Conservative run NHS in England.

Lesley tweeted: “New Year’s resolution for Scottish press. Next winter when opposition politicians are outraged about the state of the Scottish NHS, why not compare conditions with the privatised, collapsing health service in England before passing judgement?”

Scotsman columnist Ewan McColm replied to her with a single word tweet: “Why?”


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The Scotland In Union Farce

Barrhead Boy

A happy new year to you and yours,may you know only joy and good health this coming year.

I hope you all had a great festive season and that Santa brought you everything you wanted.

While the rest of us were winding down the year and getting ready to relax over at WOS, Stu Campbell comes up with the biggest scoop of 2017, one that has of course been ignored by the foreign owned media and broadcasters in Scotland,nonetheless it was a fantastic piece of investigative journalism.

We do not get much in the way of decent,let alone investigative journalism in Scotland.

What we have at present is collaborators and propagandists for the British elite and offshore media moguls,not real journalists.

At present this huge story has been removed from the WOS site pending further legal clarification,this is an update of the revelations.

Just in case you have been…

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NHS Scotland has massively increased staffing of consultants and acute medicine specialists under SNP administration. Try telling the Daily Excess.

Talking-up Scotland


Back on the 5th December, the Daily Excess headlined:

‘Scottish NHS ‘failed’ by SNP as shortage of doctors and nurses grows’

They went on to make much of the shortage of consultants whose specialisms are so important in extreme cases. To start the new year, we should see more clearly, than they wanted us to see, the somewhat more positive context and trends over 2017 and over the ten-year period of SNP responsibility.

As of September 2017, there were 5 189.8 consultants working in NHS Scotland. Thought there are still 430.5 vacancies still to be filled, the shortage fell in the last quarter by 9.6% and the annual overall number of consultants rose by 3.5%. Vacancy rates for consultants are also down from 8.3% in 2016 to 7.5% in 2017. More strikingly, consultant numbers have risen by 43.1% under the current government! To put that in context, overall NHS…

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Scotland’s finest, our ambulance workers, fail Scotland’s media as they cope with Hogmanay demand

Talking-up Scotland


How could they? Scotland’s ambulance workers coped with the increased demand on Hogmanay. Don’t they know how much our Unionist media and politicians were praying for a crisis of some kind? A few deaths that could be blamed on late ambulance arrivals would have cheered their ghoulish minds, no end, but it wasn’t to be. All they could do was report grudgingly on the increased demand and ignore the performance of the staff. The Herald and BBC Scotland couldn’t bring themselves to praise the staff and went with these two:

Rise in calls to Scottish Ambulance Service over Hogmanay

Surge in Scottish ambulance calls at new year

The Daily Excess adopted a more creative approach, ignored the ambulance crews, and made up their own wee crisis, with:

‘Four 999 calls a minute: Drunk tank demands in wake of Hogmanay booze-fuelled emergencies’

I’ve dealt with the supposed demand for drunk tanks…

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Maree Todd “Tories Threaten Brexit Fishing Power Grab”

“It is essential for our fishing industry that these powers return to Scotland after Brexit so it is deeply worrying that the UK government may be considering a power grab”

Source: Maree Todd “Tories Threaten Brexit Fishing Power Grab”